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Do not cancel your current telephone service until AFTER you have received your VoicePulse equipment and we send you confirmation that your number has been moved.

VoicePulse will provide you with a temporary telephone number (at no extra charge) so you can begin making and receiving calls even before your existing number has been ported.

Oh no! We can't port your number

You can still sign up for VoicePulse even though your current number, , cannot be ported. Click here to try another number or select "Choose a new telephone number" above to obtain a brand new VoicePulse number in your area.


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Please enter your E911 location. This is the address to which E911 emergency services personnel should be dispatched in the event that you dial 911 from your VoicePulse service. Please use the physical address where the service will be used, and check your input carefully for accuracy.

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If you continue receiving this error, please contact Customer Support by sending an email to or calling 732-339-5100 M-F 9am-5pm ET.

More Information

Need help or have questions?

Customer service agents are standing by. Call us, toll-free, at (855) 488-VOIP (8647) for help with your order from 9am to 5pm eastern time (M-F).

Choosing a number

VoicePulse gives you the freedom to keep your existing telephone number or choose a brand new one. You can easily add additional numbers after you sign up too!

What do I need to get started?

All you need is high speed internet to use VoicePulse! When you receive the adapter we ship you (at no additional cost), just connect it to your internet router and plug in a corded or cordless telephone. Your computer does NOT need to be on to use VoicePulse phone service. You will be making calls in just minutes once you receive your VoicePulse adapter!

Is my phone adapter supported?

Supported phone adapters:

  • Cisco SPA112
  • Linksys Pap2T-NA
  • Sipura 2000
  • Sipura 2002

How do I configure my adapter?

Once your order has been processed you will receive an email with instructions on how to configure your phone adapter.

How is the contact information used?

The contact phone number is used by Customer Service to reach you if you encounter difficulty in setting up the service or for UPS to verify your shipping location if there is an issue delivering your VoicePulse adapter.

Why do I need to specify an E911 location?

In areas that support Enhanced 911, this is the address that will be shown to emergency services personnel if you dial 911. This should be the physical address where your phone line will be used.

How does billing work?

The credit card information you enter will be billed monthly. You can change the credit card on file at any time online within your Account Center or by calling Customer Service.

What is this for?

The Account Security information you provide helps to prevent fraud and is important to prevent any unauthorized changes to your account.

Note: For security reasons, your initial password will be automatically generated and sent to you separately.

If you have received a referral code from a current VoicePulse customer, please enter it in the space provided.

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Thank you for your order, and welcome to the legion of VoicePulse customers who are saving hundreds of dollars on their phone bills!

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