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Don't take our word for it, see for yourself why VoicePulse is the best!

PC World
PC World

"Outstanding audio quality; easy to configure." - PC World

"Our verdict: Net phones vary considerably in price and performance, but the best -- VoicePulse -- offers near-landline dependability, as well as a host of advanced features (voice mail, call forwarding, and so on) for much less money." - PC World

PC Magazine
PC Magazine

"This system is as good as VoIP currently gets. The sound quality and easy installation are impressive, but the oodles of surcharge-free extras are what boost VoicePulse above the competition." - PC Magazine


Recipient of the Prestigious Gold Award 6 years and counting! These awards are based solely on user-provided reviews and experiences

"I have been using VoicePulse for 4 years now. What can I say that hasn't been said prior? Everything I said good about VP still stands. Call quality is extremely good. Calling features are the best around…I'll be with VoicePulse for another 4 years and beyond. Thumbs up to VoicePulse and their staff." -

Internet Telephoy
Internet Telephony VoIP Service Provider Award

Awarded to the Top 100 VoIP Service Providers as selected by INTERNET TELEPHONY and the IPCC

Design Technia
Design Technia Editor's Choice Award

"Setup of the VoicePulse system was insanely easy. VoicePulse offers more advanced features than its biggest competitor and a faster response time on its website."

"VoicePulse offers more advanced features than its biggest competitor ... we suggest you take a good look at what VoicePulse offers." - Design Technica

Pulver 100
Pulver 100

The Pulver 100 is the first and foremost listing of privately held growth companies that represent the future of IP communications. The Pulver 100 recognizes companies that have substantial real-world deployments and enjoy significant growth rates. The Pulver 100 has become an indicator of the leading edge in IP communications.


Suncoast Technology Partners

In 2002, Suncoast Technology Partners was formed for the purpose of providing expert consulting and software products, designed to help manufacturers in the area of planning and scheduling across the United States, Europe and Australia. For the past eight years, Suncoast has been helping manufacturers with issues surrounding forecasting, planning, scheduling and production tracking. They step in when a manufacturer needs expertise in understanding and applying best practice processes and systems specific to their industry.


The IT consultanting company wanted to take advantage of the many features available with Open Source solutions and VoIP. It needed to be scalable and a cost effective way to increase the efficiency of communication between employees and clients without sacrificing reliability and productivity.

“When we opened our first office two years ago we knew that we would need a phone system that would not only support that office, but would also support our current employees located across the country as well as future employees,” explains Dan Hahn, President of Suncoast Technology Partners. Like many other business owners, Dan Hahn and his partner had heard about Open Source but didn't really know too much about it. The idea that they could have a product with so many features was more than just intriguing, it was worth the time and effort to research it. Suncoast's main requirements were that the system would be scalable for a growing business and could handle remote VoIP connections that would behave as though they were just another office extension.

Initially, cost was the reason behind why Suncoast's owners wanted to implement a trixbox and VoIP solution. They knew a trixbox/VoIP solution could give their growing business an advantage. Hahn had an extra box where he would install trixbox CE 2.2 and then only have to purchase a $400 Digium card so they could begin testing.

While implementing a trixbox/Asterisk solution was an office experiment, choosing a VoIP provider was not going to be. Hahn and his team spent about two weeks researching trixbox and their local Verizon's Voicewing service, building the system and testing. The team would learn a lot in the next eight months.

“We had customers that would ask if we could call back on a cell phone because the connection was so bad with Verizon,” Hahn recalls. Unacceptable latency issues combined with Caller ID problems and occasional outages, weekly support calls to Verizon were common. While tackling these issues with Verizon, Hahn and his team simultaneously took the time to educate themselves further on VoIP technologies and look into using different types of codecs. As they learned more about VoIP, they began to understand the technology and knew it was time for a new service provider.

“We also realized early on that while the support staff at Verizon were very friendly, they really didn't have the knowledge to support the technology they were selling,” says Hahn. While researching new providers, “everyone was surprised to find out there were so many independent providers that were not serious about selling to businesses,” Hahn adds. He needed a VoIP provider that could truly support the product and service they were selling. They needed a business solution, not a something for a hobbyist. So Hahn went to work researching providers, learning what they had to offer and studying reviews. Finally, the reviews is led him to VoicePulse. VoicePulse had everything they were looking for when it came to setup and pricing, but what sold him was the free trial offer.


Solid customer reviews led Hahn to VoicePulse and the availability of a free trial was ideal so as to not make the same mistake twice that they had with Verizon.

Concerned that the latency issues would follow them, the VoicePulse Free Trial account seemed like the logical choice. Hahn could combine his trixbox setup with VoicePulse and see if latency and clarity would be a problem before making a full switch. Less than five minutes to setup and less than ten minutes of testing VoicePulse, the answer was obvious. The latency was gone and calls were crystal clear. With no additional adjustments necessary, Suncoast was sending its outgoing calls through VoicePulse that same day. Without hesitation Hahn began porting Suncoast's main business number to VoicePulse.

In addition to call quality improvement, combining VoicePulse with trixbox had even more benefits. Since Suncoast employees travel extensively, for clients being able to reach consultants wherever they were was very important. Employees working on site or from home could have SIP extensions as though they were working in the office. This couldn't be achieved with the previous Verizon/trixbox setup. Suncoast's remote connections were successfully achieved with a mix the codecs GSM, G711 alaw and G711 ulaw. Something else Hahn's employees really wanted was Bluetooth proximity detection in the office. When an employee walked out the door for a job, the call would be automatically forwarded to his or her cell phone. Coming back to the office, the phone system could detect the cell phone and route the call back to that individual's desk. Verizon only provided two lines, so a single call would tie up both lines. VoicePulse automatically provides four channels so that Hahn was able to use this feature immediately and without an additional cost.


Since implementing VoicePulse, Suncoast's monthly phone costs are a third of what they had been with Verizon. Hahn and his consultants can be reached anytime, anywhere by their clients, which is critical for their clients. Looking back to when Hahn and his partner started their business, they didn't give much thought to the phone system, but today, Hahn believes, “that the office and phone system have given us credibility which will continue to help us grow our business.”

See what others are saying about VoicePulse

“The IENetwork exists to provide technology solutions to insurance professionals. All of our solutions are cloud-based, and the T1/PRI/POTS setups didn't fit that model. We need a solution that is inexpensive, reliable, and has a quick setup. If you throw in no long-term contracts, awesome prepaid pricing, and easy integration with Asterisk, now you have VoicePulse!

You gotta love a solution that just works. I've built a test box running trixbox CE to do some testing on before we put this into production. I was able to install the FreePBX module in trixbox CE [2.6] very easily and then give it my API key. Everything worked so smoothly and within minutes I was making calls. Great job! “

Nate, Insurance Experts Network LLC

“While visiting one client I received a phone call from the client I was visiting. I was in an office on the other side of themanufacturing plant and they didn't know how to find me, so they planned on leaving a message on my voicemail. The call was automatically forwarded to my cell phone, and the client was surprised that I picked up. I have also had clients that are surprised that "I am at the office so late", or that I am at the office on weekends. We have built our business on being available when the customer needs us.“

Dan Hahn, President Suncoast Technology Partners

“A monthly savings of $2750!

To avoid a $20,000 upgrade, we used VoicePulse along with Asterisk and a $400 computer running Linux. Local Number Portability allowed us to transfer all of our remote call forward accounts to VoicePulse and reduce costs from $1000 to $250. Our long distance went from $2000 to $0! A monthly savings of $2750. Thank you VoicePulse.“

KF, Chicago, IL

“No one comes close to what I have seen from VoicePulse.

We are a 60 seat call center in the business of live voice transfers. We began planning the big change from our 100 analog lines to Asterisk and SIP termination. Less than a year later, our center terminates 100% of our calls using Asterisk and SIP with savings averaging $6000 per month in line and per minute fees.

After researching several other companies that offer similar services no one comes close to what I have seen from VoicePulse -- great customer service, no monthly fees, and no minimum usage contracts made the decision for us.“

Justin,, Troy, MI

“Quality of service that we demand.

We provide document management services for hospitals all across the country and have to be available 24/7 to retrieve medical records for our clients. With our local phone company, our bills were running several hundreds of dollars each month.

We implemented an Asterisk server and tied it in with VoicePulse for our long distance needs, with Failover to the local lines in case our Internet connection went down. Due to the nature of our business, we couldn't rely on just any phone provider. VoicePulse was chosen after a couple of failed attempts with other providers who couldn't provide the quality of service that we demand.“

Tony, HCR Imaging Inc, White Sulpher Springs, WV

“They have the market cornered.

As a system integrator we are always looking for ways to save our customers money and provide them with the best technology. This particular customer has 5 remote locations and is constantly on the phone around 10,000 minutes a month outbound and 14,000 inbound. We have been working with several carriers for termination services, then we switched to VoicePulse and not only did our customer cut its monthly costs in half, but the voice quality of the service is superior to the rest. From VoicePulse's quick integration to trixbox via the module to its team of highly trained support staff, they have the market cornered.“

Brandon, Krove Corporation, Doral, FL

“The setup was almost unreasonably easy.

We are pleased to say that VoicePulse saved us from deciding VoIP/Asterisk was not going to work for us. We tried four different carriers before stumbling upon VoicePulse's service. The setup was almost unreasonably easy with the sample files being correct and complete! VoicePulse's trunks were up in just minutes (and I mean 2 or 3 at the most.) In a world of "bush-league" services, your service has helped us to appear as one cohesive team to our clients without spending thousands of dollars.“

Darrell, Conservation Resource Solutions

“Up and running in less than 15 minutes.

After reviewing several online forums I discovered that VoicePulse was recommended as a reliable VoIP provider. I was skeptical and decided to give it a try. The service was up and running in less then 15 minutes thanks to the VoicePulse FreePBX module for Asterisk and the FREE trial period. The trial period ran several days without problems so I decided to port my existing phone numbers to VoicePulse and terminate my AT&T service. My monthly bill has been reduced by 75%, goodbye AT&T.“

Mark, Concerto Networks of Indianapolis, Sandiego, CA

“VoicePulse is now our 'go to' company.

We started our business to fill the ever-growing need for small businesses in our community to have full featured VoIP phone systems without the terribly high costs involved with traditional PBX-based systems. We did quite a bit of searching for a single source provider for SIP based origination and termination. VoicePulse was the only provider we could get instant access to DID numbers, easy integration with our Asterisk systems, and four channels with a basic account.

VoicePulse is now our 'go to' company. Thanks and keep up the good work! Your customer service people are great to work with.“

Oliver, Senior Principle, Voice Over KC, LLC