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What is VoicePulse? What is VoIP?

VoicePulse broadband phone service uses a technology called Voice over IP, also known as VoIP. VoIP sends your calls over the internet rather than over your telephone lines. This technology enables you to have more features and pay less for phone service.

Important things to know before using broadband phone service:

  1. A computer is NOT required to make or receive phone calls.
  2. You DO need high speed internet service.
  3. You DO need a router with an open Ethernet port.
  4. We will mail you the FREE VoicePulse adapter when you order service.
  5. Any traditional corded telephone or cordless base unit with one or more handsets can be plugged into the VoicePulse adapter. Once you plug your VoicePulse adapter into your router, you will be able to make calls immediately.

VoicePulse Retail Setup Guide

Set-up Guide
Click to Download (PDF Document, 756KB)

What is the VoicePulse adapter?

The VoicePulse adapter is a device that enables high-quality, feature-rich VoIP (voice over IP) service through your Internet connection. Just plug it into your router and use the standard telephone port to connect your telephone. The adapter is a borrowed device VoicePulse provides free of charge.

Transferring your phone number?

If you would like to keep your current phone number, select the Keep My Number option during sign up. Once you submit your order, we will email you further instructions on how to port your current phone number to VoicePulse. Most importantly, do not cancel your previous service until we notify you porting has completed. In the meantime, we will assign you a temporary phone number which will be included with your VoicePulse adapter.

PC World
PC World

"Outstanding audio quality; easy to configure." - PC World

"Our verdict: Net phones vary considerably in price and performance, but the best -- VoicePulse -- offers near-landline dependability, as well as a host of advanced features (voice mail, call forwarding, and so on) for much less money." - PC World

PC Magazine
PC Magazine

"This system is as good as VoIP currently gets. The sound quality and easy installation are impressive, but the oodles of surcharge-free extras are what boost VoicePulse above the competition." - PC Magazine


Recipient of the Prestigious Gold Award 6 years and counting! These awards are based solely on user-provided reviews and experiences

"I have been using VoicePulse for 4 years now. What can I say that hasn't been said prior? Everything I said good about VP still stands. Call quality is extremely good. Calling features are the best around…I'll be with VoicePulse for another 4 years and beyond. Thumbs up to VoicePulse and their staff." -

Internet Telephoy
Internet Telephony VoIP Service Provider Award

Awarded to the Top 100 VoIP Service Providers as selected by INTERNET TELEPHONY and the IPCC

Design Technia
Design Technia Editor's Choice Award

"Setup of the VoicePulse system was insanely easy. VoicePulse offers more advanced features than its biggest competitor and a faster response time on its website."

"VoicePulse offers more advanced features than its biggest competitor ... we suggest you take a good look at what VoicePulse offers." - Design Technica

Pulver 100
Pulver 100

The Pulver 100 is the first and foremost listing of privately held growth companies that represent the future of IP communications. The Pulver 100 recognizes companies that have substantial real-world deployments and enjoy significant growth rates. The Pulver 100 has become an indicator of the leading edge in IP communications.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Team is one of the many aspects of VoicePulse that makes us a stand out choice amongst phone service providers. Our Customer Service team is 100% US based and we have been nationally recognized for comprehensive support services. In addition, all of our Customer Service Representatives maintain high-level technical expertise and a professional attitude. Read more about how VoicePulse Customer Service is here to help you.

  • Tier II in-house technical support that can be reached directly by phone or email.
  • Six-point follow up procedure unlike any other VoIP provider in the industry and support ticket turnaround time less than 24 hours*
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base available via the web
  • Customer Support reps that handle technical, billing, and sales issues so you never get lost in a transfer

See what our customers are saying!

Customer support is by far the best thing about this company. I e-mail customer support and receive a phone call (no matter what the issue) in a matter of a couple of hours (sometimes less). The issue always gets resolved and I receive a follow e-mail confirmation afterwards.

Tech support goes above and beyond. They follow up tickets with a phone call. If there was a "6" on the scale, I'd give it to them.

Great Customer Service - usually responds in seconds. Very knowledgeable, helpful and polite staff.

*Our 24x7 on-call support team continually monitors our service and responds to any issues. Individual replies to support emails are sent during our regular business hours.