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CallerID with Name

VoicePulse offers advanced CallerID features you won't find elsewhere.

CallerID with Name not only shows you the number of the person calling but also their name. You can also customize the name that shows up on your CallerID display with your Contact Lists.

Incoming CallerID with Name

Incoming CallerID is the phone number and name that appears on your CallerID display when someone rings your VoicePulse phone. Many of our other features are based on the incoming CallerID:

  • The Contact Lists feature lets you customize incoming CallerID. You can have "DOCTOR" show up on the display instead of "SMITH, JANE".
  • If the caller has blocked their CallerID information (as many telemarketers do), you can block those calls with Anonymous Call Block and Telemarketer Block feaures.
  • If your phone supports Call Waiting with CallerID, you will see the incoming CallerID information while you're on a phone call.
  • Incoming CallerID with Name works on Open Access accounts too!

Outgoing CallerID

When you make a call with your VoicePulse phone, your phone number and name are sent so the recipient can identify you as the caller.

  • You can set your outgoing CallerID number on-the-fly! If you have a virtual number or another primary number from an Additional Line, you can choose any of your numbers to be shown.
  • You can block your CallerID number from being sent by dialing *67 for an individual call before dialing.
  • You can block your CallerID permanently from being sent by turning on CallerID Block in the Account Center.
  • To turn off your CallerID block for an individual call, you can dial *82 before dialing.

CallerID is Free with VoicePulse

Unlike your local telephone company, VoicePulse includes CallerID functionality with every plan for free. The Contact Lists feature gives you more control over your CallerID like never before!

Call Waiting w/ CallerID

Call waiting lets you know when someone is calling while you're already on the phone.

Call Waiting works by playing a special tone when you receive a call while you are already on a call. When you hear the special tone, you can then switch to the new phone call by pressing the Flash button on your phone or quickly pressing the switch hook.

VoicePulse offers features to make sure you never miss an important call.

If your telephone supports it, VoicePulse will send the CallerID information of the second caller so you can decide whether to switch to the new call.

You can enable/disable Call Waiting at any time through your Online Account Center.

Call Waiting is Free with VoicePulse

VoicePulse includes Call Waiting with CallerID FREE with every calling plan, so you never miss an important call!

Return Call *69

Return Call lets you call back the last person that called without having to know their number!

VoicePulse lets you return the last call you received for free.

To return the last call that you received:

  • Dial *69

Return Call is Free with VoicePulse

Local telephone companies typically charge you for each time you use *69, but not VoicePulse! Return Call just another one of our free basic features -- use it as much as you want!

3-Way Calling

Three-way calling allows you to create an instant conference call between three parties.

This feature is available on any VoicePulse plan and is completely free!

"Three-Way Calling saves me time when I need to collaborate with more than one person on a project. Sometimes email just can't accomplish what a quick 3 way call can!"

To set up a three-way call:

  1. Dial the phone number of the first person
  2. Once they pick up, dial Flash or switch hook on your phone
  3. Dial the phone number of the second person
  4. Once they pick up, dial Flash or switch hook on your phone
  5. Now you are connected to both people and each party can hear the other two parties

Both calls will be treated as calls you dialed from your phone, so if you're on an unlimited plan, they're both free!


Does VoicePulse offer 911?

Access to 911 Emergency Services while using VoicePulse phone service differs from traditional 911 and may vary depending on where you are located.

Enhanced 911 (E911) means that when you dial 9-1-1, your call is routed to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) supporting the address you registered when activating your account. The operator answering the call will automatically receive your call back number and the location information you registered when activating your account.

Basic 911 means that when you dial 9-1-1, your call is routed to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) supporting the address you registered when activating your account. The operator answering the call will not have your call back number or your exact location, so you must be prepared to give them this information. Until you give the operator your phone number, he/she may not be able to call you back if the call is not completed or is disconnected. Until you give the operator your exact location, he/she may not be able to dispatch help. As additional PSAPs become capable of automatically receiving address information, VoicePulse will automatically upgrade customers to Enhanced 911 at no charge to you.

For our complete policy details please visit VoicePulse Inc. E911 User Agreement.

International Rates

VoicePulse provides some of the most competitive international rates in the industry.

Stop dealing with calling cards and special international dialing codes. Stop overpaying to your local phone company, which can sometimes charge more than 100 times VoicePulse's international rates. Start saving today on international calling with VoicePulse Residential Calling Plans. You can easily look up VoicePulse international calling rates at any time by visiting International Rates.

Anonymous Call Block

VoicePulse is the only service to offer Anonymous Call Block with Prompting.

How can I block those annoying "UNKNOWN" or "PRIVATE" calls?

Blocking anonymous calls is a standard feature on most traditional phone services, but with VoicePulse you can decide WHICH anonymous callers get through. You're in control!

“If they won't let me know who they are, then I don't want to speak to them. If someone I know has their caller ID blocked, they just type in their phone number, I know who it is and it's that simple!”

With anonymous call blocking, you can prevent anonymous calls from ringing your phone. You can give anonymous users the option of ringing your phone by entering their phone number which will then show up on your CallerID display. Their number will show up as "??5551234567??" with the additional question marks to let you know that this call was originally anonymous. We cannot guarantee that the number they entered is really their phone number.

To use Anonymous Call Block with Prompting:

  • Dial a customizable * command on your phone or login to your Account Center to turn the option on/off
  • You have the option of receiving an email notification whenever an anonymous call is rejected

Anonymous Call Block is Free with VoicePulse!

Don't get caught off-guard again by picking up an anonymous call that you meant to ignore! Our Anonymous Call Block feature gives you control over which calls can and can't get through, for free!

International Call Block

VoicePulse lets you block unwanted international calls right from your Account Center.

Don't be surprised with international calls on your phone bill ever again!

“My mother-in-law is always calling relatives in South America from our home phone when she comes to visit but not anymore! I activate International Call Block when she comes over and now I have no surprises on my phone bill.”

International call blocking is the ideal way of making sure no one can run up your phone bill calling overseas. Make sure your employees, baby sitter, mother-in-law or whoever can't make international calls from your phone. It also prevents unintentional international calls from being made.

To use International Call Block:

  • Turn on or turn off the feature in the Account Center

International Call Block is FREE with VoicePulse

What good is an inexpensive calling plan if a guest runs up your phone bill? With VoicePulse, you can block any phone calls that cost you extra so there are no surprises on your phone bill.

Directory Assistance Block

VoicePulse offers you the ability to block calls to directory assistance.

Don't let the phone bill get out of control with 411 calls.

“The kids would always dial 411 instead of just looking it up in the phonebook or on the internet. These calls were over a dollar each and really adding up. But not anymore, since we moved to VoicePulse. I activated Directory Assistance Block and those annoying charges are gone from my bill.”

Even though dialing directory assistance (411 or xxx-555-1212) on a VoicePulse phone is less expensive than on a traditional phone, it still an additional cost. Directory assistance blocking is a great way to keep your phone bill the same low price each month.

Directory Assistance Blocking is Free with VoicePulse

Don't incur unnecessary charges on your account -- use our free blocking features to prevent unwanted calls from being made on your phone.

Telemarketer Block

VoicePulse is the only provider to block telemarketers.

With telemarketer blocking, any calls made by a telemarketer's auto-dialer will be fooled into hanging up!

“Although I registered on the DNC list, I would still get calls from 'legitimate' telemarketers. The Telemarkter Block feature from VoicePulse solved that problem instantly! This feature alone made is worth switching from my old telephone company.”

How Telemarketer Block Works

Telemarketers uses auto-dialers to select the next phone number they will dial. These auto-dialers listen for a special tone which indicates that a number is not in service. If they hear this tone, they will disconnect immediately. VoicePulse's Telemarketer Block feature sends this tone (which won't affect normal callers) to disconnect the call before your phone ever rings!

To use Telemarketer Block:

  • Dial a customizable * command on your phone or login to your Account Center to turn the option on/off
  • You have the option of receiving an email notification whenever a telemarketer is blocked

Regular callers may hear a short tone before your phone starts ringing. This is not a problem with the system, it's just Telemarketer Block working! With telemarketer blocking, you can be sure that virtually all telemarketing calls will no longer ring your phone. How much would you pay for just that feature alone?

Telemarketer Block is Free with VoicePulse

CallerID Block

VoicePulse lets you protect your privacy by blocking your CallerID.

Blocking your CallerID information from being sent is a great way to make sure your number doesn't end up on a telemarketing list!

CallerID Block

When you make a call with your VoicePulse phone, your phone number is sent along with your call so the recipient can identify you.

  • You can block your CallerID number from being sent on a per-call basis by dialing *67 before dialing.
  • You can permanently block your Caller ID from being sent by turning on CallerID Block in the Account Center.
  • If you have CallerID Block turned on, you can dial *82 to unblock your Caller ID information on a per-call basis.

CallerID Block is Free with VoicePulse

Your traditional phone company may charge you to turn on Permanent CallerID Block or to use *67 before calling, but both of these features are included FREE with VoicePulse!

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb lets you block all calls and lets the important ones get through!

With a VoicePulse phone, you can set Do Not Disturb for specific hours (this is called Scheduled Do Not Disturb) and select specific callers to get through regardless if Do Not Disturb is on (this is called Do Not Disturb with Prompting .)

“I work nights, so most people don't realize I need to sleep while everyone else is awake. I have my Do Not Disturb feature set for specific times so I'm not disturbed when I need to sleep. Do Not Disturb with Prompting allows my family to still get through if they need to.”

VoicePulse is the only provider that offers Do Not Disturb with Prompting.

Set the date and time in the Account Center beforehand so you won't you can't forget. If you set Prompting to active, you allow any caller to decide if their call is important enough to ring your phone. So if your wife is calling from a pay phone because her cell phone died she can choose to ignore your Do Not Disturb setting. Promting also gives you the ability to add an optional password, so only the people you choose can bypass your Do Not Disturb setting.

To use Do Not Disturb:

  • Dial *140 on your phone or log into the Online Account Center to turn the feature on/off

These options can be turned on/off from your Account Center as well. In addition, you can activate email notifcation so you receive an email whenever a blocked called is sent to Do Not Disturb. For those days you are working from home and activate Do Not Disturb, you can just check your email to see what calls were blocked!

VoicePulse offers Do Not Disturb with Prompting for FREE

7-Digit Dialing

VoicePulse is the only provider that offers 7-digit dialing in any area code.

Seven digit dialing works great in states like New Jersey where you always have to dial the area code, even for your neighbor. You can set 7 digit dialing for your own area and never had to dial the full number again.

“I used to have to dial the area code for every local number even though it was the same as my own. Not anymore, now I can dial 7 digits just like I used to!”

Since broadband phone service allows you have a phone number with any area code regardless of where you live in the country, normally you would end up having to dial a 10 digit phone number even when you're making a local call. If you live in California and have out of state area code like 212, you can still set 7 digit dialing to your local California area code, even if when your phone number is a different area code!

To use 7-digit dialing:

  • Select the area code you would like to use
  • Select the dialing mode you would like to use:
    • 7 & 11 Digits: You can dial US numbers using either 7 digits (555-1212) or 11 digits (1-732-555-1212). Dialing will begin immediately after the 7th or 11th digit.
    • 7, 10 & 11 Digits:You can dial US numbers using either 7 digits (555-1212), 10 digits (732-555-1212) or 11 digits (1-732-555-1212). There will be a delay of 3 seconds after pressing the 7th digit.

7-Digit Dialing is Free with every VoicePulse calling plan!

Distinctive Ring

VoicePulse's Distinctive Ring feature lets you customize ring tones for specific callers!

“Because of poor cell phone reception at home, I forward my business cell phone calls to my VoicePulse line when I'm home. I set a distinctive ring for my own cell phone number so now I get all my calls and I know if it's personal or business just from the ring.”

Can I identify callers by ringtone?

VoicePulse was the first provider to let you set your ringtone based on who is calling. With our distinctive ring feature, you can make your phone ring differently based on what line it is or who is calling.

You can have two VoicePulse lines, each with up to four different rings. This is useful for home offices where you need to know whether the call is coming in on the home line or the business line.

If you have a second line, you can change the ring so you can tell which line is ringing. You can set specific contacts to have a distinctive ringtone, so you know if you want to answer it without even getting up.

To use Distinctive Ring:

  1. Select the incoming line, primary number, or virtual number you would like to apply the distinctive ring to
  2. Select if you would like all callers on the line to have a distinctive ring or you can select one specific caller
  3. Select one of the 4 ringtones available you would like to use

Distinctive Ring is free with VoicePulse

“I set my phone so my wife and kids' cell phones all share the same distinctive ring. When the phone rings I always know if it's a family member or not calling.”

Contact Lists

VoicePulse's Contact Lists allow you to customize a contact's CallerID name.

Customize your incoming CallerID to show any 15-character text you want, such as "John's Teacher" OR "Jane's Office".

“With a cell phone I'm used to seeing a caller's name that I created. Now my home phone callerID matches that of my cell phone. It's so simple and convenient.”

How can I manage my contacts?

Today you can't imagine living without CallerID, right? Well, VoicePulse has made CallerID even better! For example, when you see "JOHNSON, TH" on the Caller ID screen you know it's your boss, but does everyone in your household? Now when the phone rings, instead of the display showing "JOHNSON, TH" it can show "Dad's Boss."

Instead of a cryptic "BOSTON MA" display, it can show "Mom's Cell." You can edit the display to show any 15-character text based on the number that is calling, so next time your daughter's ex-boyfriend calls, it'll show "Don't answer!"

It only takes a matter of seconds to customize your Contacts. From your online Account Center:

  • Create a new contact and enter his/her name
  • Click on the new contact
  • Enter in the contact's phone numbers and the CallerID you want displayed

Here are just a few examples of customized CallerID display names:

  • “Jacks Teacher”
  • "Dentist”
  • “Moms Work”
  • “Realtor Cell”
  • “Dads Doctor”

Contact lists are used by nearly 100% of our customers. Once you start creating customized CallerIDs you won't be able to stop and you can enter as many contacts as you like. The Contact List feature is FREE.

Speed Dial

VoicePulse gives you the option of creating up to 99 speed dials.

Sure, almost every phone has speed dialing built into it already, but sometimes it's more useful to keep your list online. What happens when your cordless phone battery runs out? Do you have to re-enter all of your speed dials?

Speed Dial

To use Speed Dial:

  • Select the speed dial shortcut to use from 1# to 99#
  • Enter the US or international number to dial

Speed Dial is Free with VoicePulse

VoicePulse gives you enough speed dial shortcuts to put all of your common numbers in, for free!

Unavailable Forward

What happens if my Internet connection goes down?

In the event your internet connection goes down VoicePulse can forward your calls instantly to a cell phone or any other phone number you designate so you don't miss any calls.

“I was concerned having a phone hooked up to the internet. Although my broadband is reliable, I'm still worried about losing power. When I saw VoicePulse had Line Unavailable Forward and that my calls will go to my cell phone automatically if that occurred, that was all I needed to know. I signed up that day!”

How does Unavailable Forwarding Work?

VoicePulse lets you enter an alternate number to send your calls to. Line unavailable forwarding is another way VoicePulse makes sure you don't miss a phone call. Power outage at home? Left the cordless handset off the charger too long? Not a problem, in less than 30 seconds VoicePulse will have your VoicePulse phone forwarding to any number you want. All those calls you would normally miss can go straight to your cell phone.

Line Unavailable Forwarding is Free with VoicePulse

*Unavailable Forward is included for free with the America Unlimited plan. For Local Unlimited +200 plan users , forwarded calls are 3.9 cents per minute for local and long distance call and international numbers are charged at the per minute rate for their given country.

Call Hunt / Find Me

I can't miss this phone call!

Tired of giving people three different phone numbers to find you? Wouldn't it be nice to keep some phone numbers private? VoicePulse offers the most advanced and flexible Call Hunt and Find Me features for your home. Our Call Hunt / Find Me features lets you control what phone numbers ring at the same time and in what order. You can have your home office ring first, then your cell phone and your home phone at the same time!

“I couldn't justify a high end phone system for my home office. With VoicePulse's Call Hunt and Find Me features I never miss a business opportunity and my customers are impressed with my accessibility.”

How It Works

You're waiting for an important call from your doctor. With Call Hunt/Find Me features you only have to give your doctor your VoicePulse phone number but the call will ring any phone numbers you set. For example, create a hunt group called Doctors. Set the hunt group as follows:

  • First your home phone rings
  • After 30 seconds your work phone rings
  • After 5 seconds your cell and your spouse's cell phone will both ring at the same time

In the Filters feature you can apply the Doctors hunt group to Dr. Smith's phone number. So now only when Dr. Smith calls will this hunt group become active, all other calls will be handled as usual.

You can enter in up to five sets of phones to ring in sequence with the set delay time. Each set can have up to three phone numbers to ring simultaneously, even non-VoicePulse numbers or international numbers! Finally, if no one picks up after the entire hunt sequence, you can send the call to voicemail.

To use Call Hunt / Find Me:

  1. Add a new call hunt group and give it a name
  2. In Position #1, enter the first phone numbers you would like to ring and select the number of seconds you would like those phones to ring before moving onto the second set. (In the scenario above you would enter your home phone in Position #1)
  3. Enter the next phone numbers you would like to ring if no one answers in Position #1 (In the scenario above, in Position #2 you enter your work phone number)
  4. Continue for as many positions as you would like (In the scenario above, you would enter your cell and your spouse's cell in Position #3)
  5. Save the hunt group
  6. Go to the Filters page and assign this hunt group to a specific caller or all callers (In this scenario you would assign it to Dr. Smith's phone number)

Call Hunt / Find Me is Free with VoicePulse

*If you pick up the incoming call on a non-VoicePulse phone, the call will be considered a forwarded call and billed accordingly.

Call Forward

VoicePulse lets you forward calls to any phone number.

Whether it's running a household, business, or family, you can't answer every phone call. That's why we make it so easy to have phone calls forwarded to wherever you are.

How It Works

You can't be next to your phone for every hour of the day and you want to keep your cell phone number private. Instead of letting important calls go to voicemail while you're out, you can just dial your customizable * command before you leave home and the calls will automatically forward to the number you assign in your Account Center! VoicePulse Call Forwarding makes sure the call comes to you.

Every line on your account can be set to forward to a different number. Your forwarded calls will behave just like a call that was dialed from your phone.

To use Call Forward:

  • Dial a customizable * command on your phone or login to your Account Center and turn the option on/off
  • You have the option of selecting the number of seconds (0 to 60) your phone should ring before the call gets forwarded
  • You have the option of email notifications on forwarded calls

This feature is implemented as "Absolute Call Forward" meaning all calls will be forwarded when the option is active. Call Hunt / Find Me features allow you customize call fowarding.

Call Forward is Free with VoicePulse*

*Call Forward is included for free with the America Unlimited plan. For Local Unlimited +200 plan users , forwarded calls are 3.9 cents per minute for local and long distance call and international numbers are charged at the per minute rate for their given country.


Multi-Ring lets you ring any other phone at the same time as your VoicePulse phone.

This means you can have your VoicePulse phone and cell phone ring at the same time on an incoming call. For a more customized setup see the Call Hunt / Find Me feature.

“I'm a realtor so it's important I never miss a call. I use my VoicePulse number on all my sales material. My VoicePulse number will ring my office, my cell and my home office. I never have to worry about missing an opportunity.”

VoicePulse lets you ring multiple phones at the same time.

Sometimes it would be convenient if one phone number could ring at two (or more) different places. With Multi-Ring, you can have your VoicePulse phone and your cell phone ring at the same time so you can pick up whichever one is more convenient. You can even Multi-Ring non-VoicePulse phones and international phones!

Perfect for Families

You and your wife have a cell phone and you have a home phone line from VoicePulse because you need a shared home phone. You can give out your home phone to anyone that would need to contact either of you but you can set it so that when the home phone rings, both your cell phones ring as well. That way important callers can always reach one of you. Use this for the kids' teachers, your accountant or doctor, anyone that needs to reach the both of you. Now your cell phone number can remain private as well.

Perfect for Small Businesses

Let's say you run a small business with five employees. Each employee has their own VoicePulse line and phone number. Now, with Multi-Ring, you can have one incoming number (customer support, etc) ring every line and the first person to answer gets the call! It's a great way to make sure the call doesn't get missed and allows any one of your employees to get the call and transfer it if they need to. Work numbers can ring your cell phone as well so you never miss an opportunity again!

To set Multi-Ring from the Account Center:

  • Select the incoming line or phone number you want to Multi-Ring
  • Enter the phone numbers of the phones you would like to ring at the same time

Multi-Ring is Free with VoicePulse*

*If you pick up the incoming call on a non-VoicePulse phone, the call will be considered a forwarded call and billed accordingly.


VoicePulse is the only provider to let you filter your phone calls in so many ways.

VoicePulse's Filters are one of our most powerful features -- it's like having your own personal assistant answer and forward your calls. It's as simple as logging into your Account Center and setting your preferences on the Filters page.

“One of my pet peeves is telemarketing and even though I am on the Do Not Call List, we still get a few unwanted calls every week. So I made a spreadsheet of our relatives and friends who are most likely to call...then I created a Filter to send everyone (else) to voicemail. I finally feel that this phone service, that I pay for, is mine, and mine alone, and doesn't belong to the general public to call whenever they feel like it.

Select the Line or Number

Let's say you have two VoicePulse lines, each with two phone numbers:

  • Your "home" line has phone numbers:
    • (555) 555-5555 as your main home number
    • (555) 555-1111 for your teenagers
  • Your "small business" line has phone numbers:
    • (555) 666-6666 as your main business number
    • (555) 666-7777 for technical support

With Filters you can:

  • Forward all incoming calls to your second home phone to your kids’ cell phones.
  • Forward all incoming calls to all your lines to your cell phone when you’re on vacation.
  • Forward all incoming calls to the technical support line to the main business line so you have only one phone to pick up.

Select the Caller

You can set a Filter to apply to all callers or to callers from a specific phone number:

  • All calls from your daughter’s boyfriend’s phone number to your second home phone (555-555-1111) will forward to her cell phone while the rest ring her phone as normal.
  • A call from Mom's work number will always go through even if the Do Not Disturb feature is on.
  • Set calls from your most important customers to ring your main business number (555-666-6666) and your cell phone

Select the Action

Finally, select the action you want to take when the selected caller calls on the selected line. Choose from any of the following:

  • Always Forward
    This will always forward selected calls to your call forwarding number that you set.
  • Always Ring
    Use this with the Do Not Disturb function to allow certain callers to always get through.
  • Always Voicemail
    This call will always go straight to voicemail.
  • Always Busy
    This caller will always hear a busy signal.
  • Not In Service
    This caller will hear a message stating that your number is "no longer in service."

Filters are Free with VoicePulse

*If you pick up the incoming call on a non-VoicePulse phone, the call will be considered a forwarded call and billed accordingly.

Enhanced Voice Mail

Enhanced Voicemail makes sure you never miss an important message again!

VoicePulse and YouMail, the premier mobile consumer voicemail service, have teamed up to provide all Residential VoicePulse customers with Enhanced Voicemail for free!

YouMail for VoicePulse gives you:

  • Thousands of custom greetings and the ability to upload your own greetings
  • Voicemails received via your phone, email or through the YouMail account center
  • Manage your voicemail account with Blackberry, Android and the iPhone apps
  • The ability to upgrade to premium services such as transcriptions and additional voicemail storage

“Nothing could be more convenient that getting email notifcations and audio files of my voicemail in an email. I can keep working and just check my email to see who called and listen to the message without dialing into my voicemail! Thanks VoicePulse for making things easier.”

Activating Voicemail

  • Dial *120 on your phone or login to your Account Center to turn the option on/off

Voicemail Notifications

  • Stutter tone notification: If there is a new message waiting you will hear a stutter tone when you pick up your phone. Once you have listened to the message, the stutter tone will stop after about 30 seconds. Phones that detect stutter tone will display a message waiting indicator light if you have a new message.
  • Email notification: Log into YouMail and enter the email address you want notified whenever a new message is left in a mailbox. Under My Alerts you can choose what type of email format you would like to receive and if you would like to include the audio as a file attachment (.wav, .mp3).

How do I check my voicemail?

You can check your voicemail in multiple ways:

  1. Dial in (714) 204-3114
  2. Use your BlackBerry App (downloaded from AppWorld), iPhone App (downloaded from the AppStore), Android App (downloaded from the Marketplace), or Palm/Microsoft App Store
  3. Visit on your phone's browser
  4. Visit on your computer.

How do I check my voicemail from another phone?

You can check your voice messages from any phone, not just from your phone.

To check your voicemail from another phone:

  1. Dial the same number you use to call and check your voicemail from your cellphone (714) 204-3114.
  2. Enter your phone number when prompted.
  3. Enter your YouMail PIN.

How to get YouMail on your iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Mobile device

The YouMail mobile player doesn't require a download to your phone.

  1. Using your phone, go to
  2. Log in using your account settings (cell number and password)
  3. Select the call you'd like to listen to by clicking the avatar
  4. Click the play button

Enhanced Voicemail is Free with VoicePulse

At VoicePulse, we believe charging you for voicemail would be as ridiculous as charging you for every email you receive. You are entitled to never miss a phone call or a message! That's why our voicemail system is completely free, no matter how many messages you have in your mailbox!

Online Account Center

VoicePulse's Account Center lets you manage your account quickly and easily.

View your real-time call logs, remaining minutes, bills, payments, phone numbers and change settings via the Online Account Center.

“When my parents retired to Florida, I set them up with VoicePulse phone service. With VoicePulse I can login to their Account Center from my computer and block telemarketer and anonymous calls. This way I know they are better protected from scams targeted at seniors. I even set the CallerID for all their kids and grandkids phone numbers, so they always know when family is calling.”

Our Account Center is optimized to let you do exactly what you want -- login, change a setting, check your bill and logout. Done.

The Account Center lets you do all of the following with just a few clicks:

  • View & search recent calls by number, time period, billing cycle, etc.
  • Update billing, shipping, payment information and address
  • Change calling plans
  • Add Virtual Numbers, Additional Lines & Open Access
  • Manage all features
  • View past bills
  • Contact technical support

All of the above functions can be performed in the Account Center using any browser and any computer with Internet access. While you need a computer to access the Account Center, you do not need a computer to use the phone service itself! So if you live in New York and you want to set the grandparents up with a VoicePulse phone where they live in Florida, they only need internet access. You can control their Account Center from your computer in New York.

The Account Center is Free with VoicePulse

You have complete control over every aspect of your account and phone service, all for free!

Phone Shortcuts

VoicePulse lets you control many of our features right from the phone.

Just as you're about to walk out the door, you remember that you forgot to turn on Call Forwarding. With VoicePulse, you don't have to sit down and turn on your computer to get to the Account Center. You can just pick up your phone and dial the shortcut!

Phone Shortcuts

Pick up the phone and dial:

  • *67 to turn on CallerID Block on a per-call basis
  • *69 to return a call to the last number that called you
  • *82 to turn off CallerID Block on a per-call basis
  • *100 to hear your phone number
  • *120 to turn Enhanced Voicemail on/off
  • *123 to check your voicemail
  • *140 to turn Do Not Disturb on/off

VoicePulse also lets you program your own shortcuts to toggle the following features:

  • Anonymous Call Block
  • Call Forward
  • Distinctive Ring
  • Filters
  • Hunt Groups
  • Multi-Ring
  • Outbound Caller ID Number*
  • Speed Dial
  • Telemarketer Block

Phone Shortcuts are Free with VoicePulse

Our shortcuts don't cost a thing and save you time managing your features!

*Available with additional numbers on your account

Virtual Numbers

VoicePulse lets you add additional numbers to any line on your account.

Have friends or family on the other side of the country? Want to make your business appear to have multiple offices in major cities? Virtual numbers are regular phone numbers that can be from anywhere in the country and will ring your primary number!

“I run a small online business from my home. I have the primary number that rings to my phone in my office which is for sales calls and general questions. The virtual number is for customers that pay for 24/7 support. I set a Filter on that virtual number so that those calls are forwarded to my cell phone whenever I am away from my office. VoicePulse helps me prioritize calls so I can run my business efficiently.”

For Families

  • Your family lives in New York but you're in California. Get a virtual number with a New York area code and now they can call you as if it were local.
  • This works great for college students as well. You can get a virtual number with the same area code as your child's school. Cell phone batteries die and cell phones get lost but your kid can always make a “local” call home while at school.

For Small Businesses

  • You run a business that sells across the country. Getting a virtual number from cities like New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles will give you the appearance of being a major industry player.

Virtual Numbers

You can add a virtual number to any line on your account.

You can apply some features specifically to the Virtual Number. Applying a Distinctive Ring to your Virtual Number will let you know what someone is calling that phone number. Other features include Anonymous Call Block, Filters, Telemarketer Block, and Call Hunt / Find Me.

Large Calling Areas

VoicePulse offers the largest local calling areas of any provider.

Traditional phone services try to limit your local & regional calling area to as small of an area as possible. This often results in long distance charges to call your neighbor just a block away. Instead, VoicePulse tries to make sure our local calling areas include every adjacent area code, so you'll never have to pay long distance to call someone just a few miles away!

Check your local calling area...

Additional Lines

VoicePulse lets you add additional lines to your account quickly and easily.

When you add additional lines to your VoicePulse account, not only do you get everything on the same bill, but features like Call Hunt / Find Me, Multi-Ring and Distinctive Ring let you make the most out of your VoicePulse phones!

Additional lines come with their own calling plans at the same price as regular plans. If you choose to activate the second line on a 2-line device you already have, there is no activation charge! If you choose to activate the second line on a 2-line device you already have, there is no activation charge. If you need a second phone number with a different area code or just a second phone number for business purposes, a Virtual Number might be right for you.

To activate another line on your account:

  1. Login to your Account Center
  2. Select the Account Summary tab
  3. Select the Upgrade Account tab
  4. Select the Add an Additional Line option
  5. Select whether you would like to activate the second line on a device you already have or have a new device with Line 1 activated shipped to you
  6. Select a phone number and confirm your billing / shipping information

Every additional line on your account has it's own phone number, calling plan and full set of basic & advanced features!


Can I use my own device or laptop?

Do you have your own VoIP equipment? Or a device left over from another provider? Or something you bought from an online auction? If it supports SIP, it will work with VoicePulse!

Hardware that we support includes (but is not limited to):

  • OBi100 & Obi110 devices
  • Sipura SPA-1000, SPA-2000 & SPA-3000
  • Cisco ATA-186, ATA-188, 7940, 7960, SPA112, SPA122
  • Grandstream HT-286, HT-486, BT-101, BT-102

Software that we support includes (but is not limited to):

  • CounterPath X-Lite
  • CounterPath Bria
  • Acrobits Softphone
  • Acrobits Groundwire

The Softphone Calling Plan

The Softphone calling plan is a little different than our regular calling plans:

  • The plan includes 500 total minutes (local + long distance) for $7.99 activation and $9.99/month.
  • You must already have one line with a regular calling plan before signing up.
  • The 500 included minutes are not "pooled" together with your regular line.
  • The line does not configure itself like lines on other plans do, so you must setup your hardware or software yourself.
  • You will still get the same great features as regular lines! This includes another phone number, voicemail, etc.
  • If you would like to make calls from your Softphone line, but have people you call see the number of your primary line, you can use our outgoing CallerID feature.

When you sign up for an Softphone plan, you will receive a proxy, SIP username and SIP password to enter into your hardware or software device. With just these three pieces of information, you can begin making calls in minutes!

Using Your Own Hardware

Our Softphone plan works like a "Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)" plan -- you provide the hardware and we'll provide the service. This comes in useful if:

  • You have a multiple-line device and are looking for phone service on the other lines
  • You have VoIP hardware that you can't use with other providers because they want you to buy hardware from them instead
  • You want to use a device that VoicePulse doesn't offer

Using Your Own Software

The flexibility of our Softphone plan lets you use third party softphone applications to make phone calls. You can install this software on your desktop, laptop or PDA to make calls over VoicePulse service while on the road! This comes in useful if:

  • You are traveling but don't want to take your VoicePulse device with you on the plane
  • You want to make free phone calls from your hotel room using your laptop
  • You have a PDA with Internet access and want to make phone calls using it

The VoicePulse Softphone Plan works with most softphones and VoIP adapters. Contact Customer Service for details about our Softphone plan.